There’s a new eyeglasses technology that could forever change the way you see. It is called free-form lenses, or digital lenses. It’s a revolutionary way to manufacture lenses, using computer-aided surfacing and design to create customized, high-quality eyeglass lenses that match your unique prescription. Dr. Anh Trinh at Downey Family Eye Care now offers free-form technology or digital lens designs for both single vision and progressive lenses at her Downey, California office.

Through computer aided design, free-form digital lenses are easily customized for your vision prescription.  This technology combines frame fitting geometry, such as the distance and angle the frame sits from your eye, with your subjective refraction to create a more precise lens.  The fabrication of your lenses is optimized through computer-aided surfacing equipment that provides a more precise prescription than traditional tools have in the past.  Free-form technology offers Downey, CA patients the best vision across the entire surface of their lenses. What’s more, digital lenses not only reduce glare, but are also more scratch resistant than traditional eyeglass lenses.

Digital lenses and free-form technology are the latest design improvement in single vision and progressive lenses, and Dr. Anh Trinh at Downey Family Eye Care is excited to offer this innovative technology to her Downey, CA patients. As part of her commitment to her patients having the best vision possible, Dr. Trinh encourages patients to learn more about the benefits of the free-form digital lenses technology offered at her practice, including sharper, high-definition vision and glare reduction.


To learn more about glare reduction and sharper vision benefits of free-form digital lenses technology, visit or call the office at 562-862-5005, the Downey Family Eye Care Staff or Dr. Trinh herself will be more than happy to answer any question that you may have.

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